Descrizione prodotto

  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Età: Adulto
  • Lunghezza (cm): Sci Scarpe
  • Numero Di Modello: D659
  • Tipo: Freeride

SKU: i1786
Mayday 07
Unfortunately the buckle looks like made of metal on the photo, but it's made of plastic. It breaks in no time whten you make adjustments outdoor at freezing temperatures. It's a pity for this mistake. This mini ski could be a lot better product if it had been designed more stable and thickened at the right places. Now, please just imagine me as I'm a 100kg guy trying to make my first slide from the top of the slope, and continueing the moment I gathered on the first meters by running wildly to avoid fall. :D :D Probably I should let my daughter to try it out first, but she forced me to make the initial slide. :( Poorly, the adventure has ended fast.
Wow Zadrot 2012
my order was for 4 of the mini skies. for some reason the seller spit it to four separate shipments, which created additional difficulty for me with customs clearance

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